Tales from the Brewer.....

16th May 2020

As already mentioned, myself and the Farmer have both been overwhelmed and grateful for the way in which our probe into the home delivery market has been taken up. Without much advertising, we are selling out weeks in advance and the feedback of the beers has been humbling, both from our regular supporters, as well as plenty of new customers, who have seen our website etc and given it a try.

We plan to increase weekly brewing “slightly”, (bearing in mind I am happily retired form the NHS and need the rest 😉), so availability should improve in a few weeks time. When possible, we have new recipes to test and will announce their availability in due course.

As with any new process, there are teething problems, and ours has been when a few of the bags in the boxes have expanded due to the CO2 content, and fractured the boxes. It is easily rectified at the time, by pouring a well deserved drink out of the bag, whereby it self compresses back into the box.

From research, we believe we have rectified the issue, and you should find perfect boxes from now on. For your information, ours have been lasting for 2 weeks once opened, if kept at a regular temperature, ideally between 10 and 12 degrees. Otherwise, in the fridge.

It is possible that once in your possession, the bag could expand, however the information leaflet we give with all deliveries has been added to and will explain how to counteract this, and involves drinking a half pint of the beer asap, which shouldn’t be a difficulty!

Another option we are evaluating and may begin to offer, are the 5-litre metal casks, like the ones that can be found in supermarkets. Although they will add a few pounds to the costs, they may be a popular option – what do you think?

We are constantly asked about the availability of bottle of our ales. Over recent months we have been personally quality testing our products in bottles (!), and giving a few freebies away for feedback, which has again been very positive. We hope in the near future to have them available, however current priority are the boxes. At the least, we are hopeful of offering gift packs for the Christmas market.

Finally, we hope you appreciate the sacrifices we are having to make, as neither Farmer Brown, or myself, have any beer left to drink ourselves, due to needing to keep you punters happy! Last I heard the farmer had sent a son to purchase beer and he came back with John Smiths – the poor man!

Again thanks for all the support, I hope you are all keeping well and coping with the current situation as best as possible.

PS. There’s a handful of boxes left for the delivery date of May 28th, so please get in touch ASAP if you want to get your order in.